Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Skream Tickets Available this weekend!!!!

Whats good people, SKREAM tix go on sale this weekend, and we happen to have some to sell!


We are totally 100% appreciative of our fans help! So we have a lil something special set up for you folks! If you come through and buy 5 tickets, you receive an invite to a special Skream Pre-Party at The Highdive. So those of you who want to come out a lil early, get your drink on, and get the party started right, and possibly rub elbows with some Dubstep elite, get your friends together, sell some tickets, and your in! And yes for every 5 tickets you get an invite, so you know 10 people who want to go? Get at us and you get 2 invites to the preparty! These tickets are CHEAP too! 5 bucks for THE leading name in DUBSTEP?? All made possible by you guys!! All of the Massacre DJs will be holding down tickets, or comment on this post for a way to get ahold of us! We'll be putting the list together starting this weekend so nows the time!

WE WILL HAVE TICKETS TO SELL AT DUBSTEP MASSACRE 7 if you can't find us before then!

As most of you know our shows hit capacity everytime anyway, but as this is a part of Pygmalion Music Festival, and having freaking SKREAM on the line up, you KNOW this is going to be packed, you WILL need to get your tickets ahead of time!

Heres some video of Skream spinnin a set in France, just so you know what your getting yourselves into!

See you guys next weekend at Dubstep Massacre 7!!!

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