Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dubstep Massacre 6 20-Minute Mixes

Turntables at Dubstep Massacre 6

Hello again fellow dubsteppers. Got some goodies for you! If you didn't get a CD at Dubstep Massacre 6, have no fear! All the 20-Minute Mixes are posted up right here! They're playable within the browser, and downloadable as well!

Oh, and much thanks to Chris Perardi for the amazing photography Friday night! You can check out a gallery of all the photos he took right here. Look for more photos from him in the future... I smell a great partnership in the making! And head over to the Facebook album and tag yourself in the crowd photos!

Also, we had camcorders rolling the whole night, so look forward to seeing video in the near future. Thanks again to everyone who made it out! And enjoy these mixes!!!

Download Mertz's 20-Minute Mix

Download Substr8's 20-Minute Mix

Download Geist's 20-Minute Mix

Download Lincoln's 20-Minute Mix

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