Monday, August 17, 2009

DZ August 28 at Cowboy Monkey

If we haven't made it clear enough let me make it crystal clear:


It's going down at Cowboy Monkey on August 28, which is the first Friday that the University of Illinois is back in session. In other words, GET THERE EARLY because we're going to have the biggest party in town that week! Cover is $5 before midnight, $2 after.

Have no fear though, we're giving away FIVE FREE ADMISSIONS that we'll be drawing randomly from the list of people that are on the confirmed list on the Dubstep Massacre 7 Facebook Event.

AND we're bringing in the biggest and best sound system in town, so if you thought past Massacres have had a lot of bass, you have no idea what bass is!

Peep the web flyer, spread the word, and get to Cowboy Monkey EARLY on Friday the 28th, cause we are going to be packed and rocking ALL NIGHT!

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