Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yes I will rock those bells.....

See this is where things get fun..... Personally I love those nasty, evil, punch you in the chest tunes when I spin live, I tend to play less "dub" inspired dubstep and tend to go more towards the step part. And by that I mean step on your face bass tunes. Heres one by DnB producer Jakes that will knock your face right off.

Jakes - Rock the Bells

Also peeps his myspace here

For all you in the Midwest look out for the next DUBSTEP MASSACRE party in Champaign on the 28th!!! More info to come!

Peace and Love


  1. Good tune, but a bit too busy in the middle for my liking. Looking forward to the next dubstep massacre...I was on a first date with a girl for the last one, and we stumbled in with a few of her friends. She looks at me like "wtf?", I'm like, "This is MUSIC baby" ;-)

  2. Belly... please buy this record but don't ever flip it over. LOL Not that I'm saying I want absolute dibs on "Warface" but Full Metal Jacket is pretty much one of my favorite things ever. So yeah. April dibs on Warface. You keep Rockin the Bells, I'm gonna show 'em my Warface. AHHHHH!!!!! :P