Sunday, March 1, 2009


Holy shit........ I am literally blown away but what went down Friday night at Cowboy Monkey in Champaign...... 4 djs, 2 hours, and the most insane crowd ever..... seriously everyone there was freaking out about EVERY track we played. I don't know what the hell has happened in the past few months, but seeing people FLIP OUT at every bass drop??? HELL YES this is what I'm talking about people!!!

So each of the 4 of us who played that night recorded a 20 min mix to hand out through cd to the crowd, unfortunatley we only made 50 cds, and you guys ate em up quick. BUT since we here at World on Fire / care so much about you fantastic people we put it up online for you to download, CHECK IT OUT

DJ Belly:

Check out some pics from friday night, courtesy of the lovely Ms Rachel Ann and Mr Mark Harrison

More pics from Rachel here:

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