Saturday, October 3, 2009

Playing a little catch up!!!

Hey folks, its been a while since we got into touch with you all since the Skream show.

Without you guys we would never have been able to have a show like that in Champaign!

I know its been quiet on our front, but that is because we are working on some BIG things coming up for Champaign! Bringing some great acts into town for you to get down to over the next couple months! Upcoming shows include (but are certainly not limited to)

10/31: Dubstep Massacre 9 HALLOWEEN with Dubfix DJs Phaded, Richie August and Brandon S!
(Furthersound Artists management, Chicagos TOP dubstep talent!!)

11/12: Dubfix vs 217mafia @ SMARTBAR in Chicago! Belly, Mertz and Substr8 vs Phaded, Richie August and Brandon S!!

12/05: Eoto with 217mafia support at Canopy Club! Live band dubstep throw down!

12/09: 217mafia vs 60htz @ Lava Lounge in Chicago. Mobius and Geist with resident dj Cringer

I have been busy on my own front trying to finish up this album to get out to you people!
Been putting in work in the studio over the past couple weeks and have a few tidbits to share with you all, check it here:
djBelly - Ooohh by djbellymusic

Deadman remix - djbelly by djbellymusic

Also my most recent 20min mix for those who missed it!!
Aug20min by djbellymusic

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