Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dubstep Massacre 3 Promo Mixes Now Live

In what is a bit of a running theme, we're going to be better late than never with giving you some recaps of last month's Dubstep Massacre. It was the third installment of this monthly party that just seems to get bigger and bigger. We had 202 paid people through the doors to witness Belly, Substr8, Mobius and Mertz all throw down while Harsh, Agent Mos and Text all held down the mic duties.

On Thursday we'll post up some video footage from the night that still gives all of us goosebumps.

In the meantime tho, if you didn't get one of our 20 Minute CDs (containing four 20 minute mixes), then feel free to download them here. Spread 'em to whoever might like them, but don't forget to give some credit to the 217mafia when you do!

Belly - DM3 Mix
Substr8 - DM3 Mix
Mobius - DM 3 Mix
Mertz - DM3 Mix

Don't forget, DUBSTEP MASSACRE 4 is FRIDAY, MAY 15th with special guest, Chicago's very own, Ryan Searchl1te from Dubfront records.

We've got a few free admission giveaways on our Facebook event page, so head on over there and RSVP! We're already over 110 confirmed guests so you'll want to get out early Friday. Going to be another capacity insane rager!!!

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