Monday, February 9, 2009

my mission if you choose to accept it....

If you don't know me and stumbled across this randomly, I'm djBelly, a promoter/producer/dj operating out of Illinois. Heres the thing..... myself and a bunch of people I know have become addicted to dubstep, if you don't know what that is find out here: Mobius dubstep mix
or you can check out this mix djSUBSTR8 Cowboy Monkey mix

So now that you know, you know why we are addicted to this. So we have been pushing to find clubs to let us come play some of this nasty bassed out music to crowds, we have done pretty well so far, these mixes were from one event we put together in Champaign Urbana Illinois. So this spot will be pretty much for me to drop info on you as to where to find this live in the midwest and drop some dope new dubstep on you. I'll be posting up links to major djs mixes in the genre and big events. Also if you haven't checked it out yet go to they have a fantastic streaming radio of it 24/7. Alright everyone, expect more soon, from me and others...

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